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The legend of Boyang narrates of the story of a monk from the temple Unmunseonsa during late Silla and early Goryeo, who ordered the serpent Imugi to bring rain and protected the dragon from the wrath of the celestial emperor Cheonje. When the monk Boyang was returning from China, Seohaeyongwang (Dragon King of West Sea) bestowed upon him a golden silk robe and ordered his son Imok (Imugi) to escort Boyang. Upon arrival, Boyang, in accordance with the Dragon King’s orders, built a temple named J

Korean Folk Literature


This legend narrates the story of Josein, who had a dream while asleep in front of the statue of the Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of Mercy, at Naksan Temple, and attains enlightenment. The tale is recorded in Samgungnyusa (Memorabilia of Three Kingdoms), in the section titled, “Two Saints of Naksan; Avalokitesvara; Ananyagamin; and Josin, ” in the chapter “Tapsang (Pagodas and Buddhist Statues).” Josin was working as a gardener at Sedal temple when he became enamoured with the daughter of Magistr

Korean Folk Literature
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