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Chrysanthemum Wine

Gukhwaju (Kor. 국화주, Chin. 菊花酒, lit. chrysanthemum liquor) refers to liquor made with chrysanthemum flowers. It is a seasonal drink, which is consumed along with chrysanthemum pancakes on Jungyangjeol (Kor. 중양절, Chin. 重陽節, the ninth of the ninth lunar month). Association between chrysanthemum wine and Jungyangjeol most probably occurred as a result of other Jungyangjeol customs such as deunggo (Kor. 등고, Chin. 登高, lit. mountain climbing) and sangguk (Kor. 상국, Chin. 賞菊, lit. chrysanthemum blossom w

Korean Seasonal Customs

Harvest Festival Liquor

Gabaeju (Kor. 가배주, Chin. 嘉俳酒) is a liquor consumed during Chuseok (Kor. 추석, Chin. 秋夕, Harvest Festival, the fifteenth of the eighth lunar month) banquets. The first part of the name, gabae (Kor. 가배, Chin. 嘉俳), has its etymological roots in Gawi (Kor. 가위) or Hangawi (Kor. 한가위), words designating Chuseok. The custom of gabae is documented in the “Samguk Sagi” (Kor. 삼국사기, Chin. 三國史記, History of the Three Kingdoms, 1145) in the first volume known as the “Silla Bongi” (Kor. 신라본기, Chin. 新羅本紀, Official

Korean Seasonal Customs
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