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Funeral bier

Vehicle used to carry the coffin to the burial place as part of barin, the funeral procession that carries the deceased person to the burial site. The specific appearance of sangyeo, or the funeral bier, can be confirmed from the daeyeo (Kor. 대여, Chin. 大輿, lit. a large bier used for state funerals) and yugeo (Kor. 유거, Chin. 柳車, lit. a roofed cart) depicted in the “Illustrated Chapter on Biers” (喪轝之圖) of “Jujagarye” (朱子家禮, Family Rituals of Zhu Xi). The sangyeo is a wooden structure covered with

Korean Rites of Passage


Comb used to tidy up the hair. In the past, Koreans used a variety of combs to tidy their hair. Before 1895 when the edict prohibiting topknots was implemented, Koreans had long hair. Therefore, regardless of social status, everyone used combs to groom their hair, and it seems all homes had a tool of some kind for this purpose. Under the influence of Confucianism, Koreans of that time believed that practicing caution to ensure their bodies were not hurt, not even a single hair, was the beginnin

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A mirror stand consisting of a case for storage of cosmetics and related utensils and an in-built mirror. The gyeongdae (K. 경대, Chin. 鏡臺, lit. mirror support) is a case with a mirror attached to the inside of the lid, which stands upright when opened. The height and angle of the mirror were fixed so that it could be comfortably used by a person sitting on the floor. The case has one to three drawers where cosmetics and utensils were stored after doing one’s makeup. When the gyeongdae was not i

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Men’s winter hat that covered the shoulders which was worn during the Joseon Dynasty for protection against the cold. The hwiyang (Kor. 휘양, Chin. 揮揚 [揮項]) is a men’s winter hat that originated in China. It was mostly worn in winter by elderly men but was also worn with military uniform. According to rank and the financial means of the wearer, the hat was made of leather, cotton cloth or cotton wool. As a hat worn by men to block cold winter winds, it was made with a focus on function.

Korean Clothing
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