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This legend narrates the story of Uisang, a renowned monk from Silla. The most widely known among the many Uisang narratives is the version included in Samgungnyusa (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms). Uisang entered the priesthood at Hwangbok Temple at the age of twenty-nine. Uisang headed to China for further studies, accompanied by his friend Monk Wonhyo, but was imprisoned in Liaotong for ten days on espionage charges and had to return to Silla. On the 4th year of Queen Jindeok’s reign, Uisa

Korean Folk Literature

Yellow Dragon Temple

The legend of Hwangnyongsa narrates the origin of the ancient temple, which was located in present-day Gyeongju, in North Gyeongsang Province. In Silla, in the second lunar month of the fourteenth year of King Jinheung’s reign (553), the king was planning to build Jagung (Purple Palace) to the south of his palace Yonggung, when Hwangnyong (Yellow Dragon) appeared. Deeming this strange, the king changed his plan and built a temple instead, naming it Hwangnyongsa (Yellow Dragon Temple). On the gro

Korean Folk Literature
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