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Second Senior Rank Pine of Mt. Songni in Boeun

The legend of Jeongipumsong (Second Senior Rank Pine), which stands in the path to the temple Beopjusa on Mt. Songni, narrates the story related to the tree and King Sejo of Joseon. The story is based on the king’s visit to the village of Hoein and Mt. Songni in Boeun, North Chungcheong Province, in the second lunar month of the 10th year of his reign (1464). The anecdote about the pine tree, however, is not found in historical records and the oral transmission is based on the imagination and hi

Korean Folk Literature

Baengma River

The legend of Baengmagang (White Horse River) narrates the story of the ancient kingdom Baekje’s fall, brought upon by a general from Tang China, who killed Baekje’s king, who had transformed into a dragon. When the Silla-Tang allied troops launched an attack on Baekje, they were stopped by Baekje’s king, who had turned into a dragon to guard Sabi River. General Su Dingfang of Tang, upon learning that the dragon’s favorite food is white horse meat, hooked a white horse onto a fishing pole and ca

Korean Folk Literature
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