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Village Guardian Deity

Golmaegi is a personified god based on the founder of a village, deified after death and worshipped by his descendents or the local community as an originator god or guardian god. The term golmaegi is believed to have come from the words goeul (village) and magi (guardian), to signify the deity’s role as a protector of the village and its residents against all calamities and impurities attempting to enter the community. Alternate versions of the term include Golmaegihalbae (Village Guardian Gran

Korean Folk Beliefs

Earthenware Jar

Danji is an earthenware jar that is worshipped as a sacred entity enshringing a household god, or as the deity itself. These jars are small and round, bulging around the center, and their names vary according to the enshrined deity. Daegamdanji is the sacred entity for Daegamsin (State Official God), who oversees a family’s material fortune. This jar is usually enshrined in the grain shed, but sometimes in a corner of the inner chamber, the open hall, the kitchen, or outdoors in some cases. The

Korean Folk Beliefs
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