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Five Rites in The Annals of King Sejong

The first comprehensive book on the five state rites of the early Joseon period (1392-1910). Fascicles 1-127 of ”Sejongsillok” (The Annals of King Sejong) were compiled in chronological order, and, along with the annals of other Joseon kings they have been collectively designated as a National Treasure for protection by the government. Appendices to “The Annals of King Sejong” include “Orye” (Kor. 오례, Chin. 五禮, five rites); “Akbo” (Kor. 악보, Chin. 樂譜, musical scores); “Jiriji” (Kor. 지리지, Chin. 地理

Korean Rites of Passage

Casket containing a dead body

The coffin in which the body of a deceased person has been placed after yeomseup (Kor. 염습, Chin. 殮襲, lit. bathing and shrouding). Yeonggu is the coffin in which the body of the deceased has been placed after yeomseup. A folding screen is put up in front of the coffin, and a ritual table is also set to the east of where the casket lies. A day before barin (Kor. 발인, Chin. 發靷, carrying the coffin to the burial site), a memorial rite was held and liquor offered to the deceased while facing the north

Korean Rites of Passage
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