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Gasu (Kor. 가수, Chin. 嫁樹, lit. tree-mating) is the custom of inserting a rock between the branches of a fruit tree in the hope that it will make the tree produce more fruit in autumn. The custom is observed nationwide on Lunar New Year’s Day or on the Great Full Moon Day (the fifteenth of the first lunar month). Just as marriage is the formal beginning of reproductive life for men and women, the symbolic gesture of tree-mating is meant to promote the tree’s fertility. The custom is mentioned in t

Korean Seasonal Customs

Autumn Mountain Picnic

Deunggo (Kor. 등고, Chin. 登高, lit. mountain climbing) was a custom observed on Jungyangjeol (Kor. 중양절, Chin. 重陽節, the ninth of the ninth lunar month). People would climb a mountain in their neighborhood to watch the autumn foliage and enjoy poetry and wine. This autumn outing is also known as gukhwa nori (Kor. 국화놀이), jungyang nori (Kor. 중양놀이, Chin. 重陽-), jungyang pungchaeyu (Kor. 중양풍채유, Chin. 重陽楓菜遊) or sihoe (Kor. 시회, Chin. 詩會). According to the “Xu Qizie Ji” (Kor. 속제해기, Chin. 續齊諧記, All Writings o

Korean Seasonal Customs
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