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Origin of Cold

This tale narrates the origin of the common cold (gamgi, or gobbul), which is believed to be caused by the ghost of a man with two genitals, who died after a futile search for a wife and fulfilled his lust in death by releasing himself in people’s nostrils. There lived a prince with two genitals, and when it came time for him to marry the king ordered his subjects to find a maiden with two genitals. But they were not able to find such a maiden, and in the end the prince died. When he turned into

Korean Folk Literature

Pot of Inexhaustible Supply

“Hwasubun” is a fortune tale that narrates the story of a man of good deeds who acquires a magic pot that provides an inexhaustible supply of money, rice or whatever is put inside. There lived a poor married couple. The husband was a scholar who did nothing but read books and even as the harvest holiday Chuseok approached, there was nothing to eat in the house. Out of desperation, the wife urged the husband to try stealing, so the husband went out to someone else’s paddy to steal rice but could

Korean Folk Literature

Foolish Son-in-Law

“Babosawi (Foolish Son-in-Law)” is a tale depicting all sorts of foolish behavior by a groom or a son-in-law in the course of a wedding or in relation to his in-laws. There was a husband who was a fool, incapable of managing even basic greetings. His father-in-law was scheduled to visit, so his wife taught him proper greetings, but he could not get them right. So his wife had to resort to tying a string to the husband’s testicles; she designated a different greeting to each number of times she p

Korean Folk Literature
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