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Dano Decoration

Danojang (Kor. 단오장, Chin. 端午粧, lit. Dano decoration) refers to the custom of adorning oneself on the day of Dano (Kor. 단오, Chin. 端午, the fifth of the fifth lunar month) in order to ward off evil spirits. According to the “Dongguk Sesigi” (Kor. 동국세시기, Chin. 東國歲時記, A Record of Seasonal Customs in Korea, 1849), women washed their hair and face, and took a bath with an extract prepared by boiling changpo (a variety of iris, Kor. 창포, Chin. 菖蒲, Acorus calamus var. angustatus), wore red and green cloth

Korean Seasonal Customs
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