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Winter Solstice Red Bean Porridge

Dongji Patjuk (Kor. 동지팥죽, lit. Dongji red bean porridge) is a seasonal dish consumed on Dongji (Kor. 동지, Chin. 冬至, Winter Solstice), also referred to as Little Lunar New Year. Red bean porridge on this day is used as a sacrificial food during ancestral memorial services. It is also sprinkled on the gate or exterior walls of the house in order to keep away evil or malicious spirits. Red bean porridge on Dongji is cooked with rice dough balls known as saealsim (Kor. 새알심, lit. bird egg balls). In s

Korean Seasonal Customs

Buckwheat Noodles with Seasoning

Goldongmyeon (Kor. 골동면, Chin. 骨董麵) is the name of a dish that consists of buckwheat noodles topped with slices of meat and vegetables and is eaten with a spicy sauce. The word goldong (Kor. 골동, Chin. 骨董) means a variety of ingredients that are mixed together. The seasoning originally was soy sauce-based, but today it is customary to make it from red pepper paste. Goldongmyeon is part of the culinary tradition of cold noodles, or naengmyeon (Kor. 냉면, Chin. 冷麵), popularly eaten in winter (particul

Korean Seasonal Customs
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