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Possessing Spirit

Momjusin is the spirit that has descended upon the possessed, the principal agent of the spiritual powers acquired in a state of possession. Unlike other gods and spirits that descend during a ritual and channel words through the shaman, the possessing spirit maintains a continuing relationship with the possessed shaman, worshipped for life in the shaman’s personal shrine. Momjusin can be categorized into spirits connected with the shaman by blood ties and those that are not. The former are spir

Korean Folk Beliefs

Shamanic Fan

Buchae refers to the fan used as a shamanic tool in a ritual. The fan is one of the most important tools, central to the processes of a ritual. In a ritual, the shaman, as an agent of the gods, uses the fan to serve as a medium between the gods and her follower who has commissioned the ritual. When officiating a ritual or when trance channeling, the shaman has in her left hand the rattle and in her right the fan. She uses the fan to hide her face or to accept money. In shamanism, the fan is capa

Korean Folk Beliefs
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