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Sitting Ritual

Anjeungut, or sitting ritual, is a form of shamanic ritual that centers on the practice of dokgyeong, or scripture recitation, by sorceresses or sorcerers. In anjeungut, the sorcerer is in a seated position, reciting the scriptures to his own accompaniment of janggu (hourglass drum), jing (gong), or kkwaenggwari (small gong). This ritual has been preserved mainly in Chungcheong and North Jeolla provinces. In Chungcheong Province, anjeungut involves more than recitation, a complex procedure that

Korean Folk Beliefs

Recitation of Scriptures

Dokgyeong is the term for the shamanic practice performed by a sorcerer reciting the scriptures of Taoism or Buddhism to pray for the good fortunes of an individual, or peace and prosperity in the family. In Korean folk religion, beopsa are sorcerers who practice divination or officiate dokgyeong. Essential to the practice of dokgyeong, is the study of a vast range of scriptures, including the four major shamanic scriptures Okchugyeong (Scripture of Precious Fundamentals), Cheonjipalyanggyeong (

Korean Folk Beliefs
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